Rule Book

1. Roster Construction

      1. Each team has 17 total roster spaces, one of which is reserved for that player’s keeper for the following season.  Meaning, each team only has 16 active roster spots.  If a player does not have a keeper for the next season (because they didn’t draft one or activated him) they will have an empty roster spot.

      2. A player is not allowed to use the 17th roster spot for anything other than a keeper.  If a player adds a free agent to the 17th spot, that player will be dropped and the player will not receive their FAAB money back.

      3. To activate a Keeper (meaning you can use him in the current season, but no longer have rights to him next season) you must send an official request to the commissioner, who will alert the rest of the league.

      4. Before a Keeper can be activated, the individual must be sure to have an open roster spot for them.  As they will no longer be a Keeper, they are not allowed to occupy the 17th roster space.

      5. Every team is allowed a maximum of 10 RB/WRs.  At no time is a roster allowed to have more than 10 active RB/WRs (Keepers do not count towards this total unless they are activated)

2. Draft Rules

      1. Three days before the draft, each player must alert the commissioner if they intend to keep the rights to their Keeper from the previous season.  The Commissioner will alert the rest of the league.  Keepers who are let go before the draft will be eligible to be drafted by other players.

      2. If a player keeps their Keeper from the previous season, that player will occupy one of their non-Keeper roster spots.  This player also will count towards the 10 RB/WR limit if the Keeper is a RB/WR (The player can only draft 9 RB/WRs)

      3. There are 17 total rounds.  16 rounds for this year’s team and 1 keeper round which will take place after the completion of the 10th round.  If a player is keeping their Keeper from the previous season, they do not participate in the last round (17) as they already have an active player on their roster.

      4. The order of the Keeper round does not go by the conventional draft order.  It will be drawn on Draft Day after the 10th round is completed.

      5. Draft picks are eligible to be traded, but only at the draft.  No trades are official in advance.  Also, draft picks have to be traded for an equal number of draft picks (2 for 2, 3 for 3, etc.).  

      6. There is no official time limit on picks, however, if a fellow owner requests “Clock” the player has one minute to make their pick.  The commissioner or an assigned party  will start the clock.  If the player does not make their pick, the next individual in the order is allowed to pick.  Any number of players can draft before the initial player who was put on the “Clock” once the initial minute has expired, however, the initial player can make their pick at any point going forward.

3. In-Season Trade Rules

      1. All trades must follow roster rules.  A trade will not be approved if the trade breaks a roster rule for either player

      2. Once the season begins, players are allowed to include waiver dollars in trades.  

      3. All trades are approved or denied by the Commissioner within 2 days of the trade being proposed.  If the Commissioner can not come to a determination, the 7 remaining players (minus the Commissioner and two trade partners) will take a vote.  The results are final.

      4. Trades can be vetoed because of Roster Rules, but they can also be vetoed if the Commissioner (or players if the Commissioner can’t come to a timely decision) believes the trade will hurt the competitive integrity of the league.

4. Waivers

      1. Each player starts with 200 FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget)

      2. If a player adds a player via Waivers that puts them over 10 RB/WRs, the Commissioner will drop the player who put an owner over the 10 RB/WR limit.  If the Owner dropped a player to acquire the new player, that player will not be added back to their roster.  If the player spend any FAAB on the player that put them over the limit, they will not receive that money back.  The player will go back into the pool of available players for waivers the following week.

      3. If two players tie on the waiver cost of a player, the player will go to the individual with the worse record.

5. Rule Changes

    1. Every year before the draft, rule changes for scoring, roster construction, draft rules, waivers, trades, or free agency can be proposed by a member of the league.  The rule will pass if their is a majority.

    2. If there is a tie, the Commissioners vote breaks the tie.

    3. Some things will not be voted on at the draft, such as league expansion and membership.  These items are at the discretion of the Commissioner.  


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