Auction Rules


  1. Teams start with a 300 dollar budget
  2. Teams must fill an entire roster (16 roster spots) by the end of the auction
  3. Teams must bid a minimum of 1 dollar per player, thus the maximum bid any team can make is (Remaining Budget) – (Open Roster spots – 1)
  4. If a team wants to keep their keeper from the previous year, they start with a budget of 285

Auction Procedure:

  1. In snake fashion, each owner will nominate a player to bid on and gets to set an opening bid.
  2. For the first 30 nominations, a 3 minute bidding clock will be set.  For the following 130 nominations, a 2 minute bidding clock will be set.  A nominations bidding can be closed if everyone is in agreement that the current highest bid wins.
  3. The highest bid at the end of the bidding clock will automatically be awarded the player, unless the final bid came within the last 20 seconds.  If so, an additional 20 seconds will be added to the clock to allow for counter bids.
  4. If a player nominates a player who has already been drafted, they lose their nomination round and it moves to the next team in the defined order.
  5. The auctioneer will keep track of the bids on the white board and the total remaining budget of each owner.  Another white board will keep track of the players selected.
  6. Same rules as previously.  No one can have more than 10 WR/RBs on their roster at anytime.  Therefore, once a player has 10 WR/RBs on their roster, they can no longer nominate WR/RBs during their nomination round.
  7. Owners cannot trade players or auction budget during the auction.

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